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For the first time in the history of SU, a proper Directorate of IT (DIT) was initiated and founded by Prof. Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed Ch (Ex-Vice Chancellor) on 17 May, 2019. The main purpose of this office is to provide all range of technological support and direction to the university and its departments. Establishment of this office was considered to be the backbone of the UOS as the the world is running technologically fast and the universities which are not able to upgrade their processes with the state of art advent of technologies would remain behind in the continuous run of technology and modern equipped processes. Most of universities across the country are still running with explicit operations but the UOS has upgraded its different offices, branches, and departments with digital operations like online admission & enrollment, digital affiliation and registration branches, online lecturing and proper LMS with online examination and assessment, course evaluation tool to measure the quality of teaching, automated solution for facilitation centre, data centre, building and works department, and the electronic request and complain processing (ERCP) for all the academic departments and human resource offices, online admission to ADP & M.A/M.Sc programs, etc. The staff of Directorate of IT strives quickly, courteously and effectively to meet all the technology needs and facilitates the innovative use of technology in support of learning and creative endeavor. The directorate also provides mobile walk-up support to the university community for connecting to UOS Data Centre over wireless networks and using supported applications. I conclude with a believe that soon the UOS will become the leading university with equipped technology not only for itself but for other universities as well and will become a hub for technology in academic business.


Office of the Directorate of IT will have a transformative impact directly on UOS and indirectly to other universities through continual innovation in technology, researching issues, creative solutions, and entrepreneurship.


DIT has a focus on deep technological knowledge, technical problems solving, interpersonal skills, leadership, communication, personal health and well being for creation of a transformative technological environment for DIT staff in particular and students, faculty, and SU staff in general.

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Dr. Muhammad Ilyas

Director Information Technology

Dr. Muhammad Ilyas did his PhD (in 2010) in Computer Science from Institute for Application Oriented Knowledge Processing, Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria. Before that, he completed MS in Software Project management (in 2004) from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. He has more than 22 years of experience of teaching, research, and administration. Prior to his career as Director IT at SU, his featured administrative roles include head of Computer Science & IT department at UOS (2016-18); Coordinator, Post Graduate Degree programs at Computer Science & IT department at UOS (2018 till to date); Member, National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC), HEC, Islamabad (2016 till to date); Member, National Curriculum Revision Committee (NCRC), HEC, Islamabad (2017 till to date); Project Director, HEC funded project (2005-07). He is currently supervising graduate and postgraduate students at SU. His field of research includes Information and Knowledge Management, Advance Software Engineering, Information Retrieval, etc.