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Learn where to get financial assistance by exploring the scholarship opportunities that we have furnished for you.

HEC need based scholarship offers Rs. 6000 stipend per month from the time of selection till completion of the degree program in addition to the actual tuition fee/semester.

Only enrolled students in regular BS/MA/MSc programs are eligible to apply. 

How to Apply:
Interested applicants can download the scholarship application form from the university website. Interested students will submit the scholarship form along with supporting documents to the focal person of the respective/concerned department. (HEC will not accept any application form directly).
HEC is offering Benazir scholarships to eliminate unequal access to education. It is a paradigm shift in a policy of the Government of Pakistan to support undergraduate level students who after completing FA/FSc./Intermediate are unable to pursue university education due to limited financial resources. The Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship Project focuses on the most critical segment, namely the 4-5year undergraduate programs, which contribute the most to the income of the individual who completes the bachelor’s degree. The project also aims to support female education, therefore, 50% of scholarships are reserved for female students in the overall Project's target. And, to encourage physically challenged students, 2% of the scholarships are reserved for them.

Scholarships are offered for:

  • Newly admitted students(Spring 2020 and fall 2020)
  • Admissions secured on merit only. Merit means that the student has fulfilled the admission criteria of the institution in which he/she intends to study
  • Degree programs allowed by the HEC.
  • Age limit set by institution's regulations, i.e., the maximum age of the eligibility for the scholarship is the same as the maximum age for applying for admission in undergraduate programs at the HEI.

Ineligibility Conditions:

  • A student is ineligible for the scholarship if found
  • Availing any other scholarship or continuous grant
  • Enrolled in distant learning programs and  affiliated colleges (both public/private )
  • Secured admission on self-sustain/ self-support/ self-finance basis, or in evening programs with higher fee structures
How to Apply:
All students are required to apply through the following HEC Online Application System:
Diya Pakistan scholarship offers stipend per month for the complete degree program throughout their program of study.
  • Online Web Application System is only used for students who are enrolled in graduate level or master level programs.
  • PhD and MPhil students are also not eligible for Diya Scholarship however, direct MPhil after graduation are eligible. MPhil after M.A/M.Sc/MS are not eligible.
  • Students getting scholarships more than Rs. 25000 per anum from other organizations are not eligible for Diya Scholarship.
  • Students must secure at least 60% marks at all levels.
  • Students applying for the first time, fill out the online scholarship application and Upload scan documents (mentioned below).
  • It may take 30 to 45 days to review your application with scans and you can check the status of your application, a weekly basis on web site.
  • The status of your application will be updated on the web as Clarify, Incomplete, Complete, Not Accepted and Approved.

Students can NEVER APPLY again in any case, if his/her case was “Not Accepted” previously or who provided fake/modified/cut paste documents/information. 


Required Documents  

SCANS of below mentioned:

  • Head of Institute Attestation Form (HOI) (download it from DOWNLOAD from Diya Pakistan website)
  • Self CNIC
  • Father CNIC
  • Mother CNIC  
  • Guardian’s CNIC (if other than applicant’s parents)
  • Matric Certificate  
  • Family Registration Certificate From NADRA
  • Intermediate Certificate
  • Bachelor’s Degree (If Applicant is in Master Level Program)
  • Hifz Certificate (if exists, 5% marks will be given additional)
  • Disability Certificate (If any)
  • All University Semester / Yearly results certificates where the result is declared.
  • Fee Receipts or Bank Challan for the current year.
  • Salary Slip (If the guardian is a salaried person)
  • Pension document, showing name page and pension amount page. (If the guardian is pensioner)
  • Enrollment Certificate of all brothers and sisters who are studying. (Only for those whose father/guardian is a non-salaried person) (download it from DOWNLOAD Page of our website)
  • Electricity Bill
  • College Card if available
  • If you studied in Private College at intermediate level then provide Fee receipt or Payment Certificate from College about your dues.  
  • Scan files must be readable clearly. Scans must be taken in color format from original documents otherwise specify the reasons.
How to Apply:
Pakistan Bait ul Mal scholarship offers the following to deserving students throughout their program of study - Admission Fee - Tuition Fee - Examination Fee - Registration Fee - Library Fee (non-refundable only)

All enrolled deserving students of BS/MA/MSc programs are eligible to apply for Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal scholarships. The scholarship will be granted for one semester or years and the continuation of the scholarship will remain applicable for the next semester or year if the student successfully passed the existing period. The student fails in any subject will not be eligible for Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Scholarship next time. Students’ parents or guardian must not be a government employee.

How to Apply:
All the deserving students can download the form and get it verified from the Chairperson/Head of the concerned department. The applicant should write the application addressing MD Pakistan Bait ul mal along with a valid photocopy of CNIC. If a student is below 18 years, in that case, he/ she should submit the Form-B or CNIC of parents. It is mandatory for the students to avail filled Bonafide Certificate from the Department where he/she is enrolled. In Bonafide Certificate any kind of cutting or overwriting will not be accepted. It is also compulsory to submit attested educational certificate, fee slip of institute in detail. University ID card copy/ admit card. Fee structure with complete break up (verified by the Fee section). Certificate/ Degree/ Mark Sheet from Matric to onward. Result card of last semester. Bank Challan (in case fee paid by the student). Affidavit by the student (believed to be a deserving).
Scotland offers scholarships under the Young Women and Girls Scheme. These grants aim to make higher education more accessible to women, supporting them in achieving their potential and ambition. Awardees get the following benefits: -Tuition fees for courses in eligible fields. -University hostel costs (where applicable). -Travel to and from home to university two times a year for students staying in on-campus hostels

All enrolled female Pakistani national students of following undergraduate (four years) programs are eligible to apply.  

  • Education
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Food Security and Agriculture
  • Health Sciences

No. of students availing this opportunity: 05

How to Apply:
A complete application will include: A duly filled out application form,  Scanned copy of CNIC, Scanned copy of transcripts, Proof of admission and/or enrolment at the bachelor’s level, Tuition fee form
Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) offers Rs. 3000 stipend per month for the complete degree program in addition to actual tuition and hostel accommodation throughout their program of study.

All students of MA/MSc and MPhil/MS (admitted on the basis of BS) programs are eligible.  

In order to be considered eligible for PEEF Master's level scholarships, the student must have:

  • Domicile of Punjab province  
  • Secured at least 60% marks or a minimum CGPA 2.5 in BA/ BSc/ BCOM/ BS/ BBA etc., in the annual examination held in the last three years in the institution of Punjab province.
  • Secured admission as a fulltime student in the current academic year in a partner university
  • Students enrolled in spring/fall sessions (where applicable) and morning/afternoon/evening sessions (where applicable) are also eligible to apply for PEEF Master's scholarships.
  • Declared monthly income of parents (from all sources) is equal to or less than PKR. 37,000/-
  • Children of Government employees in BPS 1-4 are exempted from the condition of income if the salary is the only source of income.
  • Children of civilians martyred in terrorist attacks are also exempted from the condition of income limit
  • Besides fulfilling PEEF eligibility criteria, the prospective student must qualify the merit and need Eligibility Criteria of the respective University.

Ineligibility Note:

The following students are not eligible for PEEF Master's level scholarship:

  • Students who have already passed/got MA / MSc / MS / MPhil etc., degree.
  • Marks improvers or students who have passed an examination in a supplementary session.
  • Students who have passed the aforementioned examination with grace marks (*).
  • Availing any other educational scholarship during the current academic year.
  • The beneficiary of Prime Minister Fee Reimbursement.

No. of students availing this opportunity: 17

How to Apply:
Interested students who fulfil the above-mentioned criteria can download the scholarship application form the following link submits the duly filled scholarship application form to the respective department. Scholarship application forms submitted directly to PEEF shall not be entertained.
University offers 50% exemption in tuition fee to HEC employees and people under their guardianship throughout their program of study.

All the HEC employees studying in any program of study are eligible to apply. 

No. of students availing this opportunity: 01

How to Apply:
The students can avail fee concession by submitting a nomination issued by the HEC.
University offers 100% exemption in tuition fee to student hailing from SOS Children's Village throughout their program of study.

All students of BS/MA/MSc/MPhil/PhD programs hailing from SOS Children's Village are eligible to apply.  

No. of students availing this opportunity: NILL

How to Apply:
The student can avail fee concession by providing SOS residence Certificate.
University offers a 100% exemption in tuition fees to family and children of martyred throughout their program of study.

All students of BS/MA/MSc/MPhil/PhD programs who are children or spouse of martyred are eligible to apply.  

No. of students availing this opportunity: NILL

How to Apply:
The student can apply for fee concession by providing martyred certificate issued by the government.
University offers free education to students who belong to IDP’s families throughout their program of study.

All students of BS/MA/MSc/MPhil/PhD programs who are declared Internally Displaced People in Pakistan are eligible.

No. of students availing this opportunity:48

How to Apply:
The student can avail free education by providing IDP's family nomination issued by the concerned authority.