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Lincoln Corner is a collaborative project between the United States Consulate General Lahore and Sargodha University. It was established in December 2013. Currently, 18 Lincoln Corners are functioning across Pakistan. Our Lincoln Corner is one of the largest corners in the jurisdiction of US Consulate General Lahore. It promotes experiential and interactive learning through its diverse programming, which makes it to the 'Golden Category' of the American Spaces around the world. Our Lincoln Corner is a multi-media resource center, where visitors can connect, practice their English language, and learn about America in a versatile way. It aims to strengthen people to people connection between US and Pakistan through a better understanding of cultural values.

Quick Facts

At UOS we are proud of our accomplishments. Together, faculty, students and staff contribute to create an amazing experience. Here are just a few reasons why UOS is the top varsity in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.














E-Library USA
Cultrual Affairs
Education USA
State Exchange Learning
English Language Learning


At UOS we are proud of our accomplishments. Together, faculty, students and staff contribute to creating an amazing experience. Here are just a few reasons why UOS is the top varsity in Sargodha District.

English Learning Sessions

Through interactive and experiential learning, we are developing English learning skills in students.

Summer School

Our Lincoln Corner offers different modules on technology, social sciences, communication, and arts for different age groups.

Public Diplomacy

Lincoln Corner is a venue for interactions with US Diplomats both physically and virtually. It provides current, accurate, and authentic information about the United States – its people, culture, history, policies, government, and institutions.

E-Library USA

E-Library USA is free digital resource which develops horizons of research and provides access to current and reliable information about America through books, magazines, movies, and more.

STEM Education

Lincoln Corner promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and learning through its sessions.

Entrepreneurship Workshops

Participants from different faculties join in a complete package of business incubation workshop. It aims to empower women with entrepreneur skills.

Friends of Corner

Through this program, students develop leadership skills; learn office management techniques, gain the confidence of public dealing, and ameliorate public speaking.

Nimra Zia

Program Manager

Nimra Zia has been managing Lincoln Corner at Sargodha University since May, 2018. With diverse educational background, she is enthusiastic learner and believes in Change management. She started her career as visiting faculty member at Sargodha University in 2015. Apart from her studies she had been a debater and participated in extracurricular activities during her student life at school, college and universities. She has also earned an internship opportunity at Askari bank as a part of her study project. At Lincoln corner she has conducted various community engagement programs including students, professionals and social activists. She believes in youth mobility, power and leadership. A diverse group of student is working, voluntarily under her supervision.


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