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Pakistan Institute of China Studies was established in 2018 to introduce and promote Chinese language, culture and civilization, and deepening understanding of Chinese policies and role in the global economy and politics among students. The Institute intends to fulfill the increasing demand for learning the Chinese language in Pakistan, particularly in Sargodha region. We prepare youth by imparting essential skills, aligned with the objectives of Pak-China comprehensive cooperation and construction of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

News & Updates

The campus remains abuzz with literary and scholarly events to keep our energetic youth engaged in debates and discussion stimulating critical thinking.

Gleanings From The National Press

For better understanding on China-Pakistan and CPEC, fortnightly gleanings from the National Press started in January 2019. The fortnightly publication covers mainstream print media in Pakistan on China, Pak-China relations and CPEC to facilitate scholars, academics, intelligentsia, students, researchers and opinion-makers.


Strengthening the Pak-China Relationship by optimizing youth through cross-cultural engagement.


To promote Pakistan-China relations especially at people-to-people level


To introduce Chinese language and culture for better understanding between people of the two countries


To prepare Pakistani youth for broader engagement with their Chinese counterparts, especially in the context of CPEC initiative

Our Services

Implementing a long conceived idea of setting a bilingual platform for the people of China and Pakistan to expedite mutual interest.

Facilitating Learning

Facilitating learning of Chinese language through specially designed programs suitable for local standards and environment

Convening Cultural Activities

Convening cultural activities with an aim to introduce traditional Chinese culture and the contemporary Chinese society.

Conducting Research

Conducting research, holding conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures and other academic activities related to China studies.

Establishing Interest-Based Connectivity

Establishing interest-based connectivity of Sargodha University with Chinese universities, thinktanks and other stakeholders in CPEC.

Connecting Academic Activities

Connecting academic activities with local community and economic stakeholders.

Dr Muhammad Irfan


Dr Muhammad Irfan holds PhD from Shenyang Agricultural University, China. He joined UOS as Assistant Professor of Biotechnology in 2016. He has assumed the additional charge of the Director of Pakistan Institute of China Studies on 28 November 2023.


Phone: 048- 9230849