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Executive Council of Alumni Association

The Alumni Association shall have an Executive Council that shall be elected through an electoral process, consisting of the following:

  1. The Vice Chancellor, the University of Sargodha shall be the Patron in Chief of the UoS Alumni Association
  2. President
  3. Vice President.
  4. General Secretary who shall be nominated by the Vice Chancellor from amongst the serving officers of University of Sargodha of BPS 17 or above.
  5. Joint Secretary.
  6. Finance Secretary
  7. Information Secretary 
  8. Six members will be Executive Members who shall be nominated by The Vice Chancellor, University of Sargodha.
  9. Members  who have studied in former College/University of Sargodha for at least two academic years on regular basis and have completed any degree can contest the elections of The Executive Council , however the prescribed minimum age limit for all posts shall be as follows:-
Post/SeatQualifying Minimum Age Limit
President40 Years
Vice President30 years
Joint Secretary
30 Years
Finance Secretary 30 years
Information  Secretary30years