University of Sargodha observed World Forestry Day 2024University of Sargodha observed World Forestry Day 2024

Published On: 21 Mar 2024


Sargodha, 21 March, 2024. University of Sargodha organized an awareness walk, seminar and tree plantation drive in connection with World Forestry Day 2024. World Forestry Day 2024 is being observed with the theme of “Forests and innovation: new solutions for a better world.”
The Department of Forestry CoA, Green Youth Moment Club and Forest Department Punjab jointly arranged this awareness campaign aimed to explore the emerging role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in forest innovation, nature-based solutions for global challenges, and the innovative role of forests in mitigating climate change.
Pro VC UoS Prof. Dr. Mian Ghulam Yasin inaugurated the tree plantation drive by planting a sapling at Library Chowk. He also led the awareness walk to urge the youth for tree plantation.
Meanwhile, The seminar was attended by Dr. Masood Arshad, Senior Director, WWF Pakistan, Prof.Dr. Mian Ghulam Yasin, Nighat Mansoor Chughtai Director Punjab Forestry Research Institute Faisalabad, Sajid Qudoos Awan Conservator (Extension) Forest, Wildlife & Fisheries Department, Dr. Muhammad Irfan Ashraf Chairman Department of Forestry, Prof. Dr. Athar Nadeem, Dean Faculty of Agriculture and a large number of students.
Dr. Masood Arshad Senior said the role of NGOs in forest innovation cannot be overstated. It’s about grassroots movements coming together to enact real change, from reforestation efforts to advocating for sustainable forestry practices. Our collective action today shapes the forests of tomorrow.

Prof.Dr Mian Ghulam Yasin emphasized the need for concerted efforts to protect and restore Pakistan’s forests. He underscored the critical role of academic institutions, government agencies, and civil society in promoting sustainable forest management practices and fostering innovation for a greener future.
Nighat Mansoor Chughtai emphasized that sustainable management of forests is at the heart of our efforts to address climate change. Through innovative approaches such as agroforestry, ecosystem-based adaptation, and responsible logging practices, we can ensure that forests remain resilient and continue to benefit both people and the planet, he concluded.
Sajid Qudoos Awan Said Nature-based Solutions offer a beacon of hope in the fight against climate change. By restoring and protecting forests, wetlands, and other natural ecosystems, we not only sequester carbon but also safeguard biodiversity and enhance resilience to extreme weather events.
Dr. Muhammad Irfan Ashraf said that in Pakistan, forests play a crucial role in supporting livelihoods and ecological stability, we must prioritize their conservation and sustainable management. Let us harness the spirit of innovation and collaboration to safeguard our natural heritage for generations to come, he further explained.