• Seminar to create awareness among youth regarding consequences of drug addiction held
2018-06-21 00:00:00

Seminar to create awareness among youth regarding consequences of drug addiction held

The departments of Communication and Media Studies held a seminar and awareness walk under the theme of ‘Consequences and Prevention of Drug Addiction’.

The purpose to organize the event was to create awareness among youth in general and students of the university in particular about the cruel effects of using drugs.

Tajwar Hayat, Sub Inspector Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), while addressing the audience informed about the consequences of drug peddling. He said that Pakistan neither controls the international drug market nor production, but Afghan drug traffickers who frequently travel to Pakistan and smuggled precursor chemicals to Afghanistan posing serious continuous challenges to Pakistan’s drug law enforcement agencies. He added that proliferation of drugs and psychotropic substances within Pakistani society, particularly in youth and university students causing an upsurge of drug addict population is population is another emerging challenge confronted by LEAs.

A renowned social activist and Assistant Director Save our Souls (SOS) Village Sargodha, Hamid Ali told that adolescent alcohol and other drug-related problems appear to be linked to poor family management practices, low family bonding and conflict, neighborhood deterioration, and economic deprivation.

He added that the use of drugs not only poses a threat to the individual’s health, but consequently gives rise to socioeconomic problems in addition, he said alcohol and drug usage causes stress in a family and drain national resources.

The Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities Dr Nawaz Mehsud shared his experiences of living in tribal area of Waziristan.  He briefed the audiences about how international players pushed our community first into weapon culture and then in drugs usage and peddling.

In-charge Department of Communication and Media Studies Noman yaser stressed to educate the youth particularly the university students regarding the consequences of drug selling and addiction.

In the end, participants of the walk took an oath about not using any type of drugs. They vowed to enhance the awareness regarding consequences of drug pedaling and addiction. 

Large number of students, faculty and staff from different departments attended the seminar and awareness walk. During the walk, students were holding banners, play cards with sayings “just refuse, drug abuse” and chanted slogans “say no to drugs”.