• Speakers vow to enhance role of maths in scientific innovations
2011-12-17 00:00:00

Speakers vow to enhance role of maths in scientific innovations

November 11: Speakers of the two day International conference on Pure and Applied mathematics highlighted the role of maths as social progress depends on scientific innovations.

Mathematics expressed the theory of relativity and the quantum mechanics in the 20th century; since then mathematics has played a vital role in inventing computers, designing space and energy programs, and investigating the structure of DNA molecules, they maintained.

In two days International Conference esteemed research scholars of mathematics across the world including India, China, Germany, Italy, Serbia, South Africa, Turkey, and UAE shared ideas, research studies and articles to disperse greater acquaintance of latest trends in the field of mathematics.

The vice chancellor University of Malakand and renowned mathematician Dr. Gul Zaman presented on ‘’ Mathematical Analysis of Communicable Diseases and Multiple Control Strategies. He discussed vector borne diseases model, which describes the interaction between human and vector population. He emphasized on disease evolution through system of nonlinear differential equation with different transmission. 

A renowned Turk academic figure Dr. Ekrem Savas presented his research article on ‘’Lacunary Double Statistical Convergence of order in Topological Groups’’. He said double sequence is called double lacunary if two integers involved there.

Chairman department of mathematics, Govt. College University Lahore, Dr. Mujahid Abbas shared his views on ‘’ Multivalued Mapping in Fuzzy Metric Spaces’’. He highlighted the existence of fixed point theorem for multivalued mappings of Caristi’s type in complete fuzzy metric spaces, he added.

Serbian mathematician Dr. Ljubisa D.R Koeinac shared his thoughts and research work with audience on ‘’ Function Spaces and Boundedness Properties. He told that in his research he considered boundedness properties of these Hausdorff topological groups with the operation of point wise addition.

Department Head of Mathematics, Kashmir University Dr. Shariefuddin Pirzada presented his research work on ‘’Spectra and Energy of Graphs’’. The major source of research in spectral graph theory has been the study of relationship between the structural and spectral properties of graphs, he maintained.

Turkish mathematician Dr. Mahpeyker Ozturk presented on ‘’ Fixed Point Results in Branciar b-metric Spaces. She expressed that she defined generalized F-expanding mappings and prove fixed point theorem in the setting of Branciari b-metric spaces.

The vice chancellor University of Sargodha (UoS) Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed acknowledged the esteemed participation of national and international speaker in third International Conference on pure and Applied Mathematics. He praised the Dean Faculty of Science and Chairperson Department of Mathematics Dr. Nazra Sultana and her team for organizing this informative event. He also presented memorial shields and souvenir among the guests.

The vice chancellor addressed the audience in concluding session that no one could have imagined the extraordinary evolution of science and technology over the past three decades. Mathematics is the language of universe and fundamentals to science in addition our social progress depends on scientific innovation, he added.
The vice chancellor said this International conference for the purpose of advancing mathematical achievements, encouraging research, providing the necessary communication to progress will help to find important applications in the field of science and it will open the new door of exposures for our students.

The conference will prove to be an inspiration for our forthcoming young researchers who are about to pick out their future course of research, he added.

The Chairperson Department of Mathematics, Dr Nazra Sultana expressed that national and international renowned mathematicians have shared their research findings, and discuss insightful sessions for mathematics practical education. She showed gratitude to all the guest speakers across the globe on their participation.
It is pertinent to be mentioned this was third International Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC) a sequel of two conferences which had been organized earlier in 2015 and 2016 by Department of Mathematics, University of Sargodha with an overarching aim of value addition to the field of science.