'Educated youth is a key to national development'

Published On: March 26, 2017

Vice Chancellor University of Sargodha Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad said that the overwhelming population of Pakistan belongs to youth who are future of the nation and the entire nation has great expectations from them. Speaking to the students of the UOS in his first address the Vice Chancellor said Pakistan is the only country in the world where the major population is having age of thirty years which can bring a qualitative change and to put Pakistan at the path of progress and prosperity and no one can create any impediments in the way of development of this new young generation. The Vice Chancellor said there is a great responsibility on the shoulders of the students and faculty members who can jointly achieve the top level best university standards by their dedication and sincere efforts and convert this university into amongst the top universities of the world. Vice Chancellor said that I have full faith that our faculty members and students have great potential and by adopting revolutionary steps we can move forward rapidly toward the betterment.  Vice Chancellor said that Pakistan due to its strategic location and by adopting quality education in line with Islamic and social values we can also become a member of the developed nation.

Vice Chancellor said that we will make all out efforts to escalate educational and research activities at our campus and convert it into state of the art campus as per international standards. He said that we will also set up Chinese and other foreign language centers. The Vice Chancellor after his address provided an opportunity to the students to put any question in relation to their problems. Replying to their question the Vice Chancellor said that all the issues raised by the students and their difficulties shall be addressed on priority basis. The Vice Chancellor said that this meeting was very fruitful and the way the students displayed their confidence for submission of their suggestions with open hearts without any hesitation, such type of the atmosphere was seen in Oxford. The Vice Chancellor said he will make it sure to convene a meeting with staff, administration and students at least in a month so as to enhance the academia potential with the input of the students, faculty members and administrative staff.

The function was attended by Deans, Heads of Departments, Administrative Officers, Director Student Affairs, Teachers and the large number students.