Faculty of Arts & Humanities Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Art and Humanities are academic disciplines that study aspects of human society and culture. The humanities use methods that are primarily critical, or speculative, and have a significant historical element. It helps us to understand others through their languages, histories and cultures and teach us to deal critically and logically with subjective, complex, imperfect information

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities was established immediately after the inception of the University of Sargodha. Originally, it has been the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences as the largest faculty of the University. It is a blend of Creative Arts, Humanities, Languages and Law; hence it has been renamed as Faculty of Arts and Humanities. It comprises eight departments and a college covering Media and Communications Studies, Institute of Arts and Design,the Department of English, Urdu and Oriental Languages, Islamic and Arabic Studies,Sports Sciences, Library Science, and the Law College.

The Faculty offers a unique, research-led student experience across a broad range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs. The faculty brings together teaching and research expertise to create a multidisciplinary hub for producing new ideas and knowledge that will help shape the future of individuals and the society. It offers diverse curricula that inspire students to take a multidimensional approach to exploring issues and ideas. Our engagement with arts, culture and law has enriched intellectual and professional outlook of our alumni.

Our approach to teaching is one that maximizes a student’s employability through acquiring hands-on skills and experiencing professional placements, complemented by a solid theoretical background.Our Faculty has outstanding reputation for research excellence in Philosophy and Art History.

Dean, Faculty of Arts & Humanities