Faculty of Business and Economics Faculty of Business and Economics

Faculty of Business and Economics

Faculty of Business and Economics initiated its journey in 2003 with an aim to attain academic excellence as well as market-oriented and evidence-based research output to facilitate industry/business by real-time solutions. It was originally the Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences which has been its present name in 2017. This faculty  has contributed a lot in provision of quality graduates in the disciplines of business, economics and commerce for the progression of agriculture, industry and service sectors of Pakistan. Our graduates are known for their professional development, knowledge of local, national and international labor market scenarios and sectors of economy, equipped with mettle to deal with challenging working environment and business acumen for the promotion of entrepreneurship. The faculty is enriched with vibrant academic background, multidimensional corporate experience and a passion to expedite and utilize research capacity to prescribe policy and tactical strategies for different sectors of an economy. Additionally Department of Economics has widened the scope for quality education along with academic oriented research to upgrade the students in an effort to enable them to work in competitive market and continuously changing skill demand. The Departments of Business Administration and Commerce have been visionary and effective to set-up the growth of corporate sector with an emphasis on accounts, audit, marketing, commerce and finance with various spillover effects and positive externalities

Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics