University begins arrangements for fifth Convocation

University of Sargodha has started arrangements for its 5th Convocation, which is tentatively scheduled for the end of March. An invitation was recently sent to the Chancellor/Governor Punjab to grace the occasion as a Chief Guest.

 As soon as confirmation is received from the Honorable Chancellor, concerned university graduates will be asked to register with the Office of Controller Examinations to participate in the Convocation and receive their hard-earned degrees.

The position holders will be awarded cash prizes and gold medals as well. Successful PhD scholars will also be awarded degrees during the convocation. Everyone will be clad in gowns. So will the graduates, stars of the occasion.

 As per tradition, a rehearsal will take place a day before the event. Then, on the D-day, Chief Guest will arrive at the venue of the Convocation, accompanied by university faculty and administrative staff. After the national anthem, he will graciously allow to start the proceedings.

 In the last fourth Convocation held in April 2014, the management of University of Sargodha had awarded 34,382 degrees to its graduates. In the upcoming fifth Convocation, graduates of the year 2013 will receive degrees.

 Like in other universities, the Convocation means a lot for graduating students as well as their friends and families. It is in fact their day to celebrate success with the loved ones.