The Chancellor/Governer of Punjab

Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana

  1. The Governor of the Punjab shall be the Chancellor of the University.
  2. The Chancellor or his nominee shall preside at the convocation of the University.
  3. If the Chancellor is satisfied that the proceedings of any Authority or the orders of any officer are not in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance, the Statutes, the Regulations or the Rules, he may, after calling upon such Authority or officer to show cause why such proceedings or orders should not be annulled, by order in writing, annul such proceedings or orders.
  4. Every proposal to confer an honorary degree shall be subject to confirmation by the Chancellor.
  5. The Chancellor shall have the power to assent to such statutes as are required to be submitted to him by the University or withhold assent or refer them back to the University for reconsideration.
  6. The Chancellor may remove any person from the membership of any Authority if such person–
    1. has become of unsound mind; or
    2. has become subject to any incapacity which prevents him from functioning as member of such Authority; or
    3. has been convicted by a court of law of an offence involving moral turpitude; or
    4. does not attend three consecutive meetings of the Authority, without intimation to the Vice Chancellor; or
    5. remains absent from the country for more than six months without intimation to the Vice Chancellor:
    Provided that no order under this sub section shall be passed unless the person to be affected thereby is afforded an opportunity of being heard.
  7. In the performance of his functions under this Ordinance, the Chancellor shall act and be bound in the same manner as the Governor of a Province acts and is bound under Article 105 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Revisional Powers of Chancellor:

The Chancellor may, of his own motion or otherwise, call for and examine the record of any proceedings in which an order has been passed by any authority for the purpose of satisfying himself as to the correctness, legality or propriety of any finding or order and may pass such order as he may deem fit.


  1. The Chancellor may cause an inspection or inquiry to be made in respect of any matter directly or indirectly connected with the affairs of the University and shall, from time to time, appoint one or more persons to conduct inspection of
    1. the University, its buildings, laboratories, libraries, museums, workshops and equipment;
    2. any institution, college or hostel maintained, recognized or licensed by the University;
    3. the teaching and other work conducted by the University; and
    4. the conduct of examinations held by the University.
  2. The Chancellor shall in every such case give notice to the Syndicate of his intention to cause an inspection or inquiry to be made, and the Syndicate shall be entitled to be represented thereat.
  3. After the inspection or inquiry is completed, the Chancellor shall cause his views as a result thereof to be communicated to the Syndicate, and after ascertaining the views of the Syndicate, the Chancellor may advise the Syndicate to refrain from taking an action or to take such action, and within such time, as he may specify in this behalf.
  4. Where the Syndicate fails to carry out the advice of the Chancellor given under sub-section (3), the Chancellor may, after considering the explanation or representation, if any, made by the Syndicate, issue such directions as he may deem fit, and the Vice Chancellor shall comply with such directions.