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University of Sargodha,

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Ms. Naima Huma Naveed
Ms. Naima Huma Naveed | University of Sargodha
Assistant Professor

Ms. Naima Huma Naveed has done M.Phil & M.Sc from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Plant Biochemistry (Biochemical Characterization of Plants)
  • Plant Tissue Culture
  • Phytoremediation

  • Coal Mines as Hot Spot of Infectious Diseases: Assessment of HCV Related Occupational Risk Factors Among Coal Miners, International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Research, (2017)
  • Biological Samples as Potential Indicators of Heavy Metal Exposure in Coal Miners, Saudi Journal of Biomedical Research, (2017)
  • Yield Reduction Analysis of Bread Wheat Under Heat Stress at Two Different Environments in Pakistan, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, (2017)
  • Digital Image Analysis of Seed Shape Influenced by Heat Stress in Diverse Bread Wheat Germplasm, Pakistan Journal of Botany, (2017)