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University of Sargodha,

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Dr.yasmeen Gull
Dr.yasmeen Gull | University of Sargodha
Assistant Professor

  • Biosorption of Metals
  • Physico-chemical Characteristics and Oxidative Stability of Different Oils
  • Synthesis of Derivatives of Benzothiazole Via Palladium and Copper Catalyzed Reactions
  • Synthesis of Different Bioactive Molecules and Their Biological Activities

  • Kinetic and Equilibrium Modeling of the Removal of Cr (VI) Ions by Chemically Treated Zea Mays (Corn) Cob from Aqueous Solutions, Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Vol. 50(2018)
  • Synthesis of N-(6-Arylbenzo[d]thiazole-2-acetamide Derivatives and Their Biological Activities: An Experimental and Computational Approach, Molecules, Vol. 21(2016)
  • Palladium (0) Catalyzed Suzuki Cross Coupling Reactions of 2,4-dibromothiophene: Selectivity, Characterization and Biological Applications, Journal of Sulfur Chemistry, Vol. 36(2015)
  • Antioxidant Studies Using Sunflower Oil as Oxidative Substrate and DNA Protective Assay by Antirrhinum Majus, Oxidation Communication, Vol. 36(2013)