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College of Pharmacy,
University of Sargodha,

Phone: +92-489230807

Email: [email protected]

Dr. Alia Erum
Dr. Alia Erum | University of Sargodha

Dr. Alia Erum has done PhD and M.phil in Pharmaceutics from University of Sargodha, Sargodha, Pakistan. Previously she Worked as Hospital Pharmacist at Children Hospital Lahore.

  • Pharmaceutical Applications of Natural Polymers
  • Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
  • Formulation Development and Evaluation Major

  • Physicochemical Characterization and Evaluation of Suspending Properties of Arabinoxylan from Ispaghula (Plantago Ovata) Husk, Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol. 27 (2014).
  • Acute Toxicity Studies of a Novel Excipient Arabinoxylan Isolated from Ispaghula (Plantago Ovata) Husk, Drug and Chemical Toxicology, Vol. 38 (2015).
  • Modified and Un Modified Arabinoxylans from Plantago Ovata Husk; Novel Excipients with Antimicrobial Potential, Bangladash Journal of Pharmacology, (2015).
  • Arabinoxylan Isolated from Ispaghula Husk, a Better Alternative to Commercially Available Gelling Agents,  Asian Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 26 (2014).