University Of Sargodha

Dr. Kafeel Ahmad

Director ORIC
Tel: +92-48-9230783

Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC)




Research promotion is one of the core strategic goal of UOS\r\nbeing a distinguished seat of learning and for enhancement of research capacity\r\nbuilding, increase in research publications and to chalk out possibility of\r\ncommercialization of research. It is important to enhance the capacity of UOS\r\nto manage all research issues. UOS has shown tremendous improvement. Research\r\nstrength at UOS can be measured in many ways; one clear indicator is drastic\r\nincrease in research publications by faculty and students. We are research-led\r\nand committed to maintaining UOS as one of the leading Universities of\r\nPakistan, destined to match the quality of the best in the world.



\r\n\r\nOur\r\nclear cut vision through ORIC is to develop, expand, enhance and manage the\r\nUniversity’s research programs and to synchronize research activities along\r\nwith educational, social and economic priorities of the University and its\r\nborder community to addressing the relevant problems. ORIC is also responsible\r\nfor assuring the quality of research reflects the highest international\r\nstandards. In persuade of above, ORIC has the responsibility of guaranteeing\r\nthat all research programs and policies reflect the core values of academic freedom,\r\nprofessional integrity, ethical conduct, legal requirements and operational\r\nstandards of the University. At the last but not the least, we are committed to\r\nconvert intellectual capital into physical capital with 100% efficiency. 



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