Shafi Ullah Marwat

Director Planning & Development
Tel: 0092-48-9230287

The role of Planning & Development Department is to assess the current and future needs for physical and academic infrastructure and prepare plans accordingly. The Planning & Development Department is headed by a Director (P&D); who is supported by other staff. The P&D has contributed its due share in the development of University of Sargodha, and proudly endowed in its journey from a small institution to a multi campus full-fledged Institution. 

Following two major projects are reflecting the current achievements of P&D Department. (1) Construction of building of Engineering College of University of Sargodha, Sargodha. Fund allocation by HED, Provincial Government 2015-16 (Cost Rs. 1,000.00 Million) (2) Strengthening and Allied Health Facilities of University of Sargodha. Fund allocation by Federal Government through HEC-PSDP 2015-16 (Cost Rs. 654.00 Million)



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List of Disaffiliated colleges

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It is notified for public information that the Colleges/Institutes mentioned in the attached list below are no more affiliated with the University of Sargodha since the academic year/annual session mentioned against each. The students and parents are advised to ensure the current affiliation status of these Colleges/Institutes before seeking admission there. Click here for the List.

Registrar, University of Sargodha

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