Soil and Environmental Sciences

Soil and Environmental Sciences

Food production is a function of crop yield and soil is the only natural resource on which the food production depends. Hence, soils are crucial to life on earth. Soil is one of our most important and basic natural resource essential for crop production. Soils are integral components of entire agro ecosystems. Soil is a complex and variable medium and its study and management is not simple. Consequently, discipline of Soil Science is very comprehensive.

To make things understandable and manageable, Soil Science is divided into number of branches including Genesis, Taxonomy, Classification, Survey and Mapping, Physics, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Biology, Fertility, Salinity, Erosion and Conservation.

The Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences has an infrastructure, which is at par with the international standards. The research laboratories of the Department are well-equipped with good facilities. It has its own Soil Analysis Laboratory which provides high quality analysis of soiland water for farmers, and researchers. The institute is actively engaged in research on different aspects of Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry, Soil Physics and Environmental Sciences, Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition, Soil and Water Chemistry, Environmental Pollution and Saline Agriculture.Advisory services to farmers are also rendered upon request.

The Department offers BSc(Hons.), MSc (Hons) and PhD programs. It has well qualified and dedicated faculty. Most of them are PhDs having experience of working in foreign countries. The dedications of the faculty members have also been recognized by various national and international organizations.

Dr. Ghulam Sarwar
Associate Professor / Chairperson