Horticulture is an intensive subset of agriculture that deals with flowers, landscape plants, vegetables, and fruits. Plants not only beautify urban and rural landscapes and recreate areas but they are also very important in environmental protection. They are used to re-vegetate and restore land disturbed by human or natural activities, they control erosion, and they help to clean the air and water.

The Horticulture Department became full-fledged department of the University in January, 2012. It is offering BSc (Hons), MSc (Hons) and PhD programs and since its establishment, the Department has produced two PhD scholars and number of MSc (Hons) Agriculturemajor Horticulture and BSc (Hons) Agriculture graduates.The Department is focused to develop skilled manpower.

The Department strives to improve how we use plants, for food and other human purposes, as well as repairing the environment and personal aesthetics. The Department has good citrus nursery and is playing an important role in improving the citrus industry of Pakistan as we are providing more than ten thousand good quality plants to citrus growing community of Punjab especially in Sargodha region.

The Department has highly qualified faculty and well-equipped laboratories. Most of the faculty members are HEC approved supervisors. The faculty focuses on finding new and environmentally-responsible ways of managing plants and pests to help increase crop and ornamental plant viability. They are also involved in research activities for the fruit and vegetable as well as ornamental crop improvement.

Dr. Zahoor Hussain
Assistant Professor / Chairperson