Sociology and Criminology

Sociology and Criminology

Criminology is relatively new academic discipline in Pakistan which offers insight into the way criminal justice policies are framed and implemented. Sociology and Criminology help to explore the complex relationship between the way society is organized and the societal causes of criminal behavior. By focusing on forces affecting values, attitudes and behaviors, Sociology and Criminology helps us better understand ourselves and the motivation of others around us.

The Department of Sociology was established in 2009 and the degree of MSc Criminology was introduced in 2014. The University Syndicate in 2018 merged both departments into the Department of Sociology and Criminology. The primary mission of the Department is to educate students in the core theoretical and methodological knowledge of thediscipline, providing them with perspectives and skills, applicable to a broad range of careers, values as future peace and order personnel includingresearch, social services, security agencies, and healthcare, and prepare them to work in a diverse and changing society.

The Department is presently offering BS, MSc, MPhil and PhD in Sociology and MSc in Criminology. It develops student's knowledge, skills, and values as future peace, inculcation of leadership, integrity, accountability, responsibility while serving their fellowmen, community, crime prevention, law enforcement, scientific crime detection, penal administration, academic profession, encourage research and inquiry on criminal behavior, criminal justice which benefits the local and international community. Our graduates are plying a leading role in various government, semi-government and non-government institution.

The strength and vitality of the Department is rooted in its teaching capacity fronted by excellent teachers and their research and publication profiles. The Department has four PhD and five MPhil qualified faculty members to produce research based knowledge relevant to contemporary social and political issues.

Dr. Yasir Nawaz Manj
Assistant Professor / Incharge