Sports Sciences

Sports Sciences

Sports Sciences as an academic discipline has scientific aspects and covers a broad range of fields including human physiology, psychology and biomechanics, and their relationship to sports performance, health and well-being. The Department of Sports Sciences is promoting sports leadership, teamwork and ethics, and provides students opportunities to design and enhance the intellectual assets and moral values required to lead meaningful lives while impacting society in respectful ways.

The Department was established in 2009 and renamed in 2012 as the ‘Department of Sports Sciences’. The Department is presently offering MSc in the discipline of Physical Education. The program emphasizes scientific academic preparation combined with playfield experiences, coaching techniques and Human Sports Performance Laboratory Analysis (HSPLA).

The Department has two experienced MPhil and four MSc qualified faculty members while many qualified visiting professionals encourages our students for applied research in the area of Human Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Sports Psychology, Sports Nutrition, Bio-Mechanics and the Techniques of Scientific Coaching by using the latest technology to improve the sports performance.

The Department envisages preparing professionally innovative sports leaders, sports administrators, managers, coaches, players, fitness instructors, teachers, scholars & sports scientists capable of addressing the challenges being faced by the national sports organizations and educational institutions in the country.

Mr. Yasir Iqbal Waraich
Lecturer / Incharge