Pharmacology is a field which deals with use of chemicals(drugs) in the prevention diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Thus the Department of Pharmacology makes it mandatory for 3rd year MBBS and DPT students to attend daily lectures, practicals and tutorials to study and learn the detailed classifications of drugs, their mechanism of actions, adverse effectsand their interactions with each other.

The Department was established in 2006 soon after the initiation of Sargodha Medical College. It is well-equipped with Pharmacological Laboratory where students can perform different practicals of pharmacy and experimental pharmacology. All the necessary drugs and apparatus are available in Pharmacology Laboratory.

The faculty of the Department consists of one assistant professor and three demonstrators/lecturers who are guiding the students about implementation of this knowledge of drugs. Attending ward classes in the hospital is mandatory for students.

Monthly class tests are being conducted according to UHS examination pattern including both written and viva voce. Its students have been delivering great performance in annual UHS examination and University of Sargodha examination with more than 95% results.

Dr. Farwa Naqvi
Assistant Professor / Chairperson