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Roll No Full Name Programm Pass Year Detail
ML13EOO1 ANSAR JAVED Fall 2015 view
BSSE-08-E59 Muhammad Umar Farooq BS Software Engineering Fall 2012 view
BCS-2006-25-R Asif Mansoor BS Computer Science Fall 2010 view
BCS-F12-M062 Shahid Islam BS Computer Science Fall 2016 view
BITF12E032 Ali Raza BS Information Technology Fall 2016 view
BSCSF10E002 Sajid Riaz BS Computer Science Fall 2014 view
PMAF10E007 Muhammad Shakeel Nawaz M.Phil Mathematics Fall 2012 view
MSCS-F013-E002 KHAWAJA MOZAMAL MS Computer Science Fall 2016 view
12MSCIT01066 MUHAMMAD ADEEL M.Sc. Information Technology Fall 2015 view
MITF11E126 Asad Aslam M.Sc. Information Technology Fall 2014 view
MMAF07M001 Saba Sultan M.Sc Mathematics Fall 2009 view
SMAS12E002 Azhar Hussain Ph.D Mathematics Fall 2016 view
BCSF12M011 Muhammad Adeel ur Rehman BS Computer Science Fall 2016 view

List of Disaffiliated colleges

Students/Parents Alert

It is notified for public information that the Colleges/Institutes mentioned in the attached list below are no more affiliated with the University of Sargodha since the academic year/annual session mentioned against each. The students and parents are advised to ensure the current affiliation status of these Colleges/Institutes before seeking admission there. Click here for the List.

Registrar, University of Sargodha

Contact: 048-9230855, 9230815, 9230438