These Admission Regulations are formulated upon the directions of the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor UOS, and were approved by the Syndicate of University of Sargodha. These are based upon Admission criteria as determined for MBBS class, by the Govt. of the Punjab for all Public Sector Medical Colleges of Punjab and for all other classes as per UOS admission rules amendable from time to time, for Sargodha Medical College and other departments being run under this faculty.

  1. Recognition & Affiliation

    Sargodha Medical College is recognized by PM & DC Islamabad. It is affiliated with University of Health Sciences, Lahore for the purpose of examination & award of MBBS degree. It is also accredited by College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan, Karachi for FCPS (Part-II) & MCPS training in various disciplines of Medical Education. All other degree and postgraduate programs are approved by the University of Sargodha and accredited by the HEC, Government of Pakistan.

  2. Seats Allocation

    One (01) seat in MBBS (Regular) is reserved for disabled persons possessing disability certificate issued by the competent authority after vetting by Punjab Admission Board / Disability Committee of University of Sargodha. The eighty (80) regular seats of MBBS will be filled by the Punjab Admission Board on open merit basis. Remaining seats in MBBS and all seats in other programs will be filled by the concerned Admission Committee on merit basis.

  3. Eligibility Criteria

    The admissions shall be open on Regular seats in MBBS Program, to the individuals domiciled in the province of Punjab. Only those candidates having appeared in MCAT of current year (Government of the Punjab Admission Board Test). In all other disciplines, irrespective of the gender, admissions shall be granted purely on merit as per the criteria laid down in the prospectus

    1. Regular Seats:

      1. Applicants having domicile of Punjab Province shall be eligible to apply for admission to Govt. of Punjab Admission Board in case of Regular seats of MBBS and directly to HEC Islamabad for admission on Foreign/Oversears Seats in MBBS and for all seats in case of other programs to the department concerned.
      2. Applicants must have secured 60% unadjusted marks in F.Sc.(Pre-medical) or equivalent examination (excluding the marks of Hafiz-e-Quran) for MBBS and 55% for all other programs respectively.
      3. Candidates who possess qualification equivalent to intermediate (Pre-Medical) in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English can apply for admission. The equivalence of qualification and calculation of marks of the candidates holding qualification other than F.Sc (Pre-Medical) shall be determined by the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Islamabad and the candidates will be required to produce the equivalence certificate alongwith the admission form
      4. i For MBBS The Entry Test shall be valid for current year only. In all other programs no entry testis required
    2. Self Support Seats

      1. Local Seats:

        1. The self support local seats are available in all other programs except MBBS and such candidates will apply directly to the department concerned.
        2. Dues for Self Support Local Seats will be Rs. 50,000/ additional along with usual fee applicable to all other regular students
      2. 2. Foreign Seats:

        1. Foreigner / Ex-patriat Seats:
The interested candidates will apply through Higher Education Commission(HEC), Pakistan alongwith an Advance Copy on UOS Admission Form to the Principal/Chairman concerned. Only candidates nominated by the HEC Islamabad (as per criteria of PM&DC Islamabad / UHS / UOS) will be entertained. Dues for Foreign seats will be as under:

          1. MBBS: US$ 7000 Per Annum along with normal College dues
          2. All other programs: US$ 1000 Per Annum along with normal College dues.
        2. Foreign Overseas Seats: The interested candidates will apply directly to the College/Department on UOS Admission Form. Dues for Overseas seats will be as under:

          1. MBBS: US$ 7000 Per Annum along with normal College dues.
          2. All other programs: US$ 1000 Per Annum along with normal College dues.
  4. Procedure for submission of application:

    1. The applicants are required to apply to the Chairman Punjab Admission Board for Regular Seats in MBBS and the Principal/Chairman concerned, directly in case of all other seats in all other programs. In case of Foreigner/Ex-Patriate Pakistani Seats, the candidate will apply indirectly through Higher Education Commission, Islamabad/ Ministry of Economic Affairs, Govt. of Pakistan, Islamabad .
    2. The applicants desirous to avail the opportunity in different Categories at a time are required to submit Separate admission forms/applications for each category.
    3. The merit list shall be prepared by the quarter concerned, based on the availability of seats, according to the choice given by the applicants. The preference once given shall be treated as final.
    4. Documents required with Admission Form

      1. One attested photocopy of each of the following documents
        1. Matric or equivalent(Marks sheet + Certificate)
        2. FSc or equivalent certificate(Marks sheet + Certificate) both parts
        3. Hafiz-e-Quran certificate (where applicable)
        4. Character Certificate of the college/institute last attended
        5. Entry Test result of current year in case of MBBS.
        6. Domicile Certificate: Domicile certificate once submitted with the 
application cannot be changed and shall be considered as final. Any candidate found to have domicile of more than one place will be disqualified for admission in the college, even if caught at later stages.
        7. CNIC / Form “B” issued by NADRA
        8. Medical Fitness Certificate in original by a Registered Medical 
Practitioner / Government Medical Officer, with PM&DC Registration number certifying that the candidate have been fully vaccinated against Hepatitis, Tetanus and Enteric fever.
      2. An affidavit on stamp paper of Rs.20/- duly attested by the Judicial Magistrate/Oath Commissioner) should be enclosed with the application form:-
      3. Four recent photographs (passport size) of candidate, 03 attested on the back and one pasted on the application form attested from front side
      4. The list of selected candidates shall be notified and displayed on the College/Department Notice Boards & Website.
      5. Revision of result or improvement of marks by the Boards shall not affect the merit list in the current year in any way.
      6. All Original Certificates shall be produced by the candidate at the time of admission and/or interview.
  5. Admission Committee

    1. The admissions shall be made by the Admission Committee notified by the Principal/Chairman concerned comprising the following:

      1. Chairman, Admission Committee.
      2. Heads/Representative of any 03 basic departments
      3. One or more co-opted members from the staff.
      4. Incharge, Admin Office / Office Assistant of College / Department concerned as Secretary Admission Committee
    2. The Admission Committee will be facilitated by other Boards / Committees etc as and when desired
    3. Decision of the Admission Committee in respect of admission/selection of the candidates will be final.
  6. Admission Process


      The final merit of will be determined as per the following criteria:

        MBBS Program
      1. Entry Test marks.....................................50%
      2. FSc. / Equivalent Examination (Adjusted marks).......40%
      3. Matriculation .......................................10%
      4. All Other Degree / Diploma Programs
      5. FSc. / Equivalent Examination (Adjusted marks).......100%
        1. Being a Hafiz-e Qurran, Twenty (20) marks will be added to F.Sc. Marks in case of admission in any graduate program, subject to verification of the Certificate issued by the competent boards etc
        2. According to the aggregate marks, whenever two or more than two candidates are bracketed, the one senior in age will be given preference to the other for the purpose of admission.
        3. Any appeal with reference to merit list should reach the Principal/Chairman concerned within 03 days of display of the merit list.

      Merit List Preparation:

      1. The final merit list of candidates will be prepared by the Admission Committee, verified by the Principal/Chairman concerned. The Dean, Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences shall be competent to rectify the errors or omissions found in the merit list /selection list at the time of selection of candidates.
      2. The Admission Committee shall determine the admissions as per the merit exhibited by the applicant.
      3. Candidates applying for admission, shall be considered for selection accordingtothePriorityoptedbytheminAdmissionForm andmerit.
      4. Foreign Foreigner/Ex-patriate seats will be filled as per recommendations/ selections by the Higher Education Commission Islamabad, Pakistan.
      5. Postal application should be addressed to the “Principal/Chairman concerned”, University of Sargodha, Sargodha. These applications should reach the college office well before the closing date. Any deficiency will not be reported to the candidate and the responsibility of completeness of the form, as per prospectus lies with the candidate. No correspondence will be done in this regard further
      6. If considered necessary, the Admission Committee may call any candidate for interview at his/her own expenses
      7. The Admission Committee may refuse admission to any candidate but seems to be unsuitable or unlikely to become a good doctor, with reasons to be recorded in each case at the time of interview. In case such a candidate is admitted, he can be struck off the rolls of the college, after issuing a notice to him/her to that effect. Such candidates whose particulars e.g. Marks certificates or any other document submitted with the application form are found to be incorrect or wrong or whose authentication is doubtful will be struck off from the College roll, even if they have been admitted. A student can be removed during the course of his/her study at any stage if incorrect or wrong information has been submitted by such a student, which formed the basis of his/her admission. The Principal can forfeit fee and other dues paid by such a candidate. In addition a candidate making any false statement is liable to have legal actions, which the College may deem fit to take. Similarly father/guardian making any false statement is also liable to legal action.
      8. Any candidate detected to have submitted forged certificates or fake documents with the application form shall be permanently debarred from admission
  7. Medical Fitness Evaluations

    1. No student will be considered to have been admitted unless he/she has paid the fee & other dues
    2. A student, who is admitted to the first year class because of his/her having paid the fee etc., but continuously absents himself/herself for a period of two weeks without any genuine reason, his/her admission will be cancelled and the seat may be filled by the next candidate merit list as per rules
    3. Admission will be closed as per the advertisement of the University. However, if any vacancy occurs as a result of a candidate having been struck off the attendance rolls due to any reason, it will be filled in to safeguard the right of the next person on merit up to the end of the first year class. However he/she shall not be permitted to appear in the Annual Examination till he/she has attended at least 75 percent lectures/ practical classes / tutorials and has shown over all good performance in class tests during the year.
    4. The Admission Committee shall verify all certificates submitted by the candidates as early as possible from the concerned Board/University/Authority. The students whose certificates/documents are found incorrect or wrong in any way shall not be considered for admission and if admitted provisionally their admission will be cancelled without any notice. The candidates will have to pay the actual amount as documents verification fee
    5. There will be no refund of fee in any case whether on Regular, Self Support Local or Foreign (Ex-Patriate & Overseas) Seats.
    6. If a candidate admitted already, intends to Cancel his/her admission on his/her own request, the dues deposited by him/her will not be refunded at any stage and no claim in this regard will be entertained
  8. Dispute Regarding Admission

    All disputes related to admission process shall be resolved by the Admission Committee after reception of complaints from the actual affectees only. The matter if not resolved by the Admission Committee, be referred to the Principal/Chairman concerned for decision who will forward the case to the Dean, Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences whose decision will be the final. Legal suit if any will only be applicable in local court of Sargodha and not at any other place.

  9. Fee and Subscriptions

    1. Newly admitted students must pay their fee & other dues. Students name shall not be entered in the attendance registers unless he/she has paid the dues. 

    2. All students must pay their dues by the date fixed by the authorities
    3. If the dues are not paid within due dates, defaulting students' names will be 
struck off the college/department rolls. Re-admission will be allowed on payment of Readmission fee @ Rs. 5000/- in addition to the college fee and other dues.
    4. Fee and other charges subscriptions shall be determined by the University from time to time. However, for the present session rates shall be applicable as given in the table separately in the prospectus.
    5. Fee once paid shall not be refunded in any case, even in the case of students, who are prevented to attend the classes, by illness or other reasons beyond their control during the year for which they have paid the fee.
    6. The detained students of any class including final year will have to pay full dues for the particular year
  10. MPhil/PhD and Other Programs

    The candidates of MPhil/PhD and other Diploma/Degree programs will apply on UOS admission form, to the college/department concerned if otherwise eligible. They will also follow the admission & examination regulations of University of Sargodha as approved for its Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences

    Disciplinary Regulations

    1. Discipline

      1. Anybody who gets admission, will have to abide by the discipline, rules, and regulations of the University enforced at present and amendable from time to time by the University Authorities in future. All students will remain attached only with academic and other extracurricular activities, which are allowed by the University for the Healthy Growth of body and mind. No student will be permitted to take part in any type of political activity or agitation and will not involve in matters of ill-discipline in any case or at any stage. All such matters will be handed over to the College/Departmental or the central Discipline Committee, UOS. The decision of the competent authority will be final and applicable on all students admitted and will not be challenge-able in any court of law in the country or abroad. The students are bound to pay all dues and will remain punctual in attending the classes.
      2. `
      3. The students remain absent from teaching programs without prior permission of the Authorities will be dealt as per University rules/regulations.
    2. Uniform

      College uniform for all the students will be as follows: -

      Boys: Gray Trouser, White Shirt with closed collar. Maroon Blazer / Sweater along with maroon neck scarf in winter. Black shoes with black socks.

      Girls: White Shalwar, White Shirt and Dopatta, alongwith triangular maroon head scarf. Maroon Blazer/Sweater in winter. Black shoes with black socks.

    3. Attendance

      Every student is required to be punctual at the hours notified for lecture, practical and tutorial classes. A 75% attendance is necessary to appear in the final examination to be held each year. A student if remains absent from a class without a prior application shall be charged with a fine @ Rs. 10/- per lecture/tutotial/practical etc. Such absentee shall be recorded by each department and sent at the end of each month to the Principal/Chairman concerned, by all the heads concerned for implementation.

    4. Conduct of Classes

      Every student is required to be punctual at the hours notified for lecture/tutorial and practical classes from time to time.

      1. No student is allowed to leave the lecture room without the permission of his teacher or until the class is dismissed.
      2. Immediately after assembly of the class, the roll call will be taken. A student coming late into the class room will be marked absent unless his excuse is accepted by the teacher. Any student misbehaving in the class room shall at once be reported by the teacher to the Principal/Chairman concerned, who will take such action as he may deem fit
      3. Students are not permitted to remain in the lecture/tutorials or practical room except during the prescribed hours of lectures
    5. Class Examination

      1. Students are not allowed to take textbooks, notes or manuscript of any kind into the examination hall
      2. Any student found infringing the examination rules or having recourse to unfair means may be expelled from the examination and the matter shall be reported to the Principal/Chairman concerned who may refer his/her case for action to the disciplinary committee.
      3. Late comers for more than 15 minutes after the start of paper will not be allowed to enter the examination hall.
    6. Leave Rules

      1. All leaves of absence from the college/department with the exception of sick leave will be without scholarship
      2. Sick leave will only be granted by the competent authority, on the production of an application duly signed by the father/guardian showing a valid acceptable reason and clearly mentioning the duration of the leave alongwith a medical certificate from university medical officer or any other medical practitioner of the College except when the student is already on leave out of station.
      3. In all cases leave taken will be at the student's own risk so far as the percentage of attendance is concerned and even medical certificate will not condone a deficiency in attendance.
      4. Students must not leave the station without permission of the Principal/Chairman concerned. In case of hostel resident a permission from the Warden is also necessary.
      5. A student, who is absent without leave continuously for a period of two weeks, will be struck off the college/department roll
    7. 7. Students Medical Certificate & Treatment

      1. For medical leave upto 07 days, all Boarders/Non boarders must obtain a medical certificate from a Govt./UOS Medical Practitioner/Consultants duly verified by the MS DHQ Hospital concerned and University Medical Officer (UMO) designated.
      2. Medical Certificates recommending rest for more than 7 days, must be signed by a Professor/ Associate /Assistant Professor of any medical college or Director UMC & RC or MS/Chief Consultant of any DHQ Hospital in all cases.
      3. Medical certificate in support of absence must be produced at the earliest possible date or within a week of the absence time.
      4. A medical certificate must specify the nature of the illness and the period with dates of leave recommended
      5. For implementation, all medical certificates issued from anywhere must be verified/countersigned by the University Medical Officer designated.
      6. Students who fall ill will be provided treatment on outdoor basis by the University Medical Complex/DHQ Hospital. Medicines available in UMC/DHQ hospital will be provided on doctor's prescription. Students requiring hospitalization will be entitled to have the facilities of general ward patients
    8. Books and other Teaching Materials

      Every student shall present himself with all the prescribed text books and other necessary appliances. The student can be issued books from College / Departmental Library or from UOS Central Library on Library Cards.

    9. Correspondence

      1. Students desirous of addressing the Principal/Chairman concerned by a letter must do so separately. Joint applications are prohibited and will not receive attention.
      2. Any student wishing to make a representation on any subject has the right of direct access to the Principal/Chairman concerned at any time during office hours.
      3. The Dean Faculty, Principal/Chairman concerned, Professors and other staff are accessible at any time for listening to the difficulties & grievances of students & shall always be pleased to advise them.
    10. General Rules

      1. Students are required to observe order & discipline at all times in college
      2. Smoking within the premises is entirely prohibited
      3. No game of any sort is to be played during working duty hours
      4. Displaying & distribution of partisan and political pamphlets or circulars etc., in the college/department, hostels and hospitals premises are not allowed.

      5. All irregularities, neglect of duties and breach of discipline are to be brought to the notice of the Principal/Chairman concerned by the professors under whom the student is working
      6. Every student to whom books or other property of Govt. is entrusted shall be held responsible for their preservation in good condition and in the event of their being lost or damaged shall be required to replace them or repay their cost.
      7. Any student breaking or damaging any government property shall be required to pay the cost of repair or replacement.

      8. In case of willful damage, he shall be punished under the existing disciplinary rules.
      9. Mobile phones are not allowed in lecture/practical/tutorial classes & hospital wards during the working hours

      The students must understand that so long as they are students of the College/Depatment concerned, they will do nothing either inside or outside the College/Department concerned, Hostels and Hospital premises, that interferes with the UOS orderly administration and discipline or may cause bad repute to the Administration. Anybody found guilty will be dealt with as per University discipline rules.