Advanced Studies and Research Board

1- According to the University Ordinance 2002, The Advanced Studies and Research Board shall consist of–

  1. The Vice Chancellor (Chairperson)
  2. The Deans
  3. Three University Professors other than Deans to be appointed by the Syndicate.
  4. Three University teachers having research qualifications and experience to be appointed by the Academic Council.
  5. Three teachers from affiliated colleges having research qualifications to be appointed by the Academic Council.

2- The term of office of members of the Advanced Studies and Research Board, other than ex-officio members, shall be three years.

3- The quorum for a meeting of the Advanced Studies and Research Board shall be one-half of the total number of members, a fraction being counted as one.

4- The functions of the Advanced Studies and Research Board shall be to–

  1. Advise the Authorities on all matters connected with the promotion of Advanced Studies and Research in the University
  2. Consider and report to the Authorities on the institution of research degrees in the University
  3. Propose Regulations regarding the award of research degrees
  4. Appoint supervisors for research studies and to determine the subjects of their thesis
  5. Recommend panels of names of paper setters and examiners for research examinations after considering the proposals of the Board of Studies in this behalf.
  6. Perform such other functions as may be prescribed by Statutes.

Members of the Advance Study and Research Board:

Serial# Member Name Designation
1 Prof. Dr. Mohammad Zahoor Ul Hassan Dogar, Vice-Chancellor University of Sargodha.In Chair
2 Mudassar Kamran,Registrar University of Sargodha. Secretary
3 Prof. Dr. Nazra Sultana Dean Faculty of Science University of Sargodha. Member
4 Prof. Dr. Maqbool H.Sial Dean Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences University of Sargodha. Member
5 Prof.Dr.Sajid Bashir Dean Faculty of Pharmacy University of Sargodha. Member
6 Prof. Dr. Ghulam Yasin Dean Faculty of Social & Behavioral Sciences University of Sargodha. Member
7 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Mehsud Dean Faculty of Arts & Law Member
8 Dr. Muhammad Ilyas Tariq Professor of Chemistry/Director Mianwali Sub-Campus University of Sargodha. Member
9 Dr. Shams-ul-Basar, Professor of Law University of Sargodha Member
10 Dr. Ashraf Khan Niazi Professor of Chemistry /Principal Govt. College Mianwali Member
11 Dr. Muhammad Akram Niazi Associate Professor,Department of Islamic Studies,Govt.College Bhakkar Member
12 Dr. Aamir Ali,Associate Professor of Botany, University of SargodhaMember
13 Dr. Azhar Hussain, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Govt. Ambala Muslim College, Sargodha Member
14Prof. Dr. Sarmer, Director Academics, University of SargodhaMember
15 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Bashir, Director Quality Enhancement Cell(QEC),University of Sargodha. Member