Pakistan Institute of China Studies | University of Sargodha
Pakistan Institute of China Studies


Pakistan Institute of China Studies will be steered by the dynamic leadership of  Dr Fazal-ur-Rehman who has a vast experience of Chinese culture and politics. As an essential component of the China-Pakistan-Economic Corridor, the institute will become an integral part of the language studies disciplines at Sargodha University. 

As CPEC offers tremendous opportunities to Pakistan, the Institute of China Studies seeks to prepare our youth for making the most of the multi-billion-dollar project by imparting essential skills to the youth, aligned with the objectives of CPEC. 

The Institute aims at deepening understanding of Chinese language, culture and civilization as well as emerging policies and role in the global economy and politics. 

In the backdrop of CPEC, PICS will cater to the increasing demand of Chinese language in the country. 

The Institute of China Studies has two key functions: first, research and training through academic activities; and second, establishing interest-based connectivity of Sargodha University with Chinese universities, think-tanks and other stakeholders in CPEC and at the bilateral level between Pakistan and China.