Campus Life

University of Sargodha is a distinctive, energetic, and hospitable community known for its strong friendships, stimulating course work, inspiring connections with faculty and staff, social networking, and rich experiences beyond the classroom. These diverse facets of campus life help our students to shape their thoughts, ambitions, beliefs, actions, and goals for the rest of their lives.

When students come to University of Sargodha, they expect the best in both academics and campus life. That’s why we strive for student-time rich with opportunity by offering congenial offices, departments, hostels, eating/dining spots, transportation, health services, activities and everything that makes University of Sargodha feel like home away from home.

But we never distract from the big picture. University of Sargodha is, first-of-all, a place for quality education and solution-seeking research. We understand that employers are looking for complete-package employees who are passionate, can deliver and able to prioritize. We assert that our students learn both inside and outside of the classroom and this is what we are proud of. Our vibrant campus community is full of opportunities to explore, connect, and learn. In an environment that prioritizes inclusion and respect, you’ll have options for everything from learning to recreational activities.

Academic Life

University of Sargodha prepares students to be active citizens and leaders of tomorrow that can address the world’s most pressing problems. Our mission proceeds with students’ experiences of successes and challenges and this is the reflection of our delivered learning parameters:

Encouraging personal, intellectual and professional courage and growth

The mess committee comprised of senior and junior students in each hostel is the watchdog body to manage and oversee the hygienic conditions for healthy food provision.

On-Campus Living

At University of Sargodha, on-campus hostel facility is premised on the common understanding that students work together with their hostel mates, to create a safe and supportive living and learning environment.  Living on campus is a restful part of University of Sargodha experience.

Students are guaranteed about maximum accommodation but not for a specific type of room, or hostel location.  However, we honor requests for comfortable living arrangements within hostel premises based on religious or cultural practices.

Fostering rational behavior and investigative tendency for social, cultural, economic and environmental problems

Promoting the culture of research, innovation-driven development

Building an inclusive community committed to civility, pluralism, open-mindedness, enlightenment and tolerance


There is a main Regency dining hall which is spacious and accommodating, providing a range of options and hours, and flexible meal plans available to students who live on- or off- campus. The dining hall offers several halal meal dishes with veggie and non-veggie options. The dining hall is of purpose- built design where students and faculty can meet up and discuss intellectually over an eating-table. Meals and parties at limited space can also be arranged over here on request.

There are some other small eateries across campus with limited sitting spaces where branded packaged eatables, fruits and on-spot cooking of fast food items is available. Students can enjoy food both on-spot and with take-away option to eat wherever, whenever and as much they would like to eat.

These services are open for five days a week (Monday – Friday).