Learning Resources

The Campus contains:

  • 13 Teaching Blocks
  • 4 Hostels for Boys
  • Hostels for Girls
  • 2 Bachelor Halls
  • Foreign Faculty Hostel
  • Staff Residence Colony
  • Administration Block
  • Auditorium
  • Bachelor Faculty Hostel
  • Cafeteria
  • Central Library
  • Cooperative Store
  • Lush Green Lawns
  • Mosque
  • FM Radio Station
  • Post Office
  • Residence for Foreign Faculty
  • Sports Complex
  • Swimming Pool
  • Guest House
  • Pharmacy Industrial Unit
  • Model Pharmacy
  • Diagnostic Center
  • Habib Bank Limited

The Central Library

The University Library came into existence with the establishment of the De-Montmorency College Sargodha. Library is famous for its long history, abundant collection, magnificent architecture and pleasant environment. After the establishment of University of Sargodha, all the collection of college was transferred to University Library. At the time of the establishment of the University in 2002 the library had a collection about 50,000 books. The collection of the library has grown up considerably within a span of ten years covering literature of various aspects of science, social science and humanities. At present the library has a collection of 89,000 books, a number of foreign and local journals, 07 online book data bases, 30 online full text databases of books/periodicals, 50 computers in the library computer lab and 25,000 digital books. It can be accessed from http://library.uos.edu.pk

In the midst of its excellent setup of academic activities, the library acts as a nerve centre catering to the academic and research needs of the students, the researchers and the faculty members of 33 graduate and post-graduate departments, covering Science, Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities, engaged in higher pursuits of knowledge. The University Library has been shaped as a centre of excellence, for academic and research pursuits by keeping itself open to the changes brought in by information and communication technologies.

The library is actively utilizing the digital resources given by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) and American Information Resource Centre along with other digital resources provided through “Lincoln Corner”. Users can get into more than two dozens of online full-text databases which are periodical databases covering the newest and most important academic achievements. The University Library is an invaluable partner in furthering the mission of the University of Sargodha as a center of learning.

Data Center (IT services at campus)

The Data Center is a distinctive facility designed specifically for housing server systems and assorted communication equipment accompanied with a high speed dedicated internet connectivity. The arrangement purposefully makes the campus connected with Pakistan-Wide academic circles and variety of resources on World Wide Web. Data Center is the core place managing campus-wide Gigabit Ethernet Network of Optical Fiber media linking about 2000 numbers of networked nodes consisting of state of the art computer labs., offices of researchers, faculty members and administrative officials. The campus network is providing 30 Mbps real-time Internet connectivity to all departments including the hostels of students and faculty affiliates.

Major Services

Data Center is also contributing in the progress of University by means of providing: -

  • 24-hour high speed controlled Internet access throughout campus.
  • Web and e-mail services
  • Digital Library and E-brary access
  • Video conferencing services
  • Resource sharing over Network infrastructure
  • Network extensions for existing and new departments in the campus
  • Technical assistance for procurement of IT related equipment and services
  • Network and system support services
  • Hardware repairing and maintenance services
  • Campus Wi-Fi (in Progress)
  • Wi-Fi Internet access in department for Researchers, PhD & MPhil students (Partial)
  • Turnitin software plagiarism testing services.
  • IT services to Medical College including 16 Mbps dedicated internet access.
  • IT services to Agriculture College including 16 Mbps dedicated internet access.
  • Centralize management of IT services (in process)
  • Microsoft Dreamspark Account.
  • Microsoft IT Academy.

 Library reading room

While many universities are moving print collections to off-site storage, university of sargodha has expanded its library in the heart of campus.

The University of Sargodha
University of sargodha

The University of Sargodha has become an elegant centre of Higher Education, in a short span of time, respected nationally as well as internationally for its brilliant performance in teaching and research activities.