Prof. Dr. Nazra Sultana

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History of the Department is as old as the institution itself. Postgraduate classes, however, were introduced in 1985. The Department has been producing outstanding experts for teaching at intermediate, graduate and postgraduate level who earned remarkable repute. The graduates of the Department are serving in government, semi-government and private sectors of both educational and non-educational departments. Application of Mathematics in the subjects of technology, finance and environmental sciences has increased the demand for Mathematics graduates in a variety of fields. A fully equipped and fully furnished computer laboratory has been established in the department. The MPhil program has been on track since 2009 and that of PhD program since 2012. The research is in progress in Pure, Applied and Computational Mathematics. The commencement of MPhil and PhD programs would be helpful to raise the quality of education and research in the field of Mathematics.


Second International Conferenc..


One Day Seminar ..

"One Day Seminar on Fixed Point Theory and Its Applications" was organized by Department of Mathematics on August 22, 2016. Prof. Dr. Safeer Hussai...