Dr. Masood Sarwar Awan

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Email: economics@uos.edu.pk
Webpage: https://uos.edu.pk/Academics/department/14

Economics has a vital role to play in contemporary society and at University of Sargodha the emphasis is on relevance to human activity, experience and endeavour. Economics Department offers a variety of courses with a firm foundation in the principles of Economics. It is designed to stimulate the understanding of the nature of Economics, both as a field of scientific enquiry and as an academic discipline, and to provide you with a knowledge of the "Economic World" in which we live. Department of Economics has undergone major structural reforms and has became a living icon for demonstration elsewhere. Since the dawn of 2005, there have been a lot of structural and institutional changes in the traditional functioning of the department. It is earning good name among the community of economists both at the national and international level. This unmatchable popularity of the Department owes largely to its dedicated and dynamic leadership, academic spirit and style of operating at par with international standards. A paradigm shift was made in the shape of new programs, curricular development, learning methodology, teaching tools, conducting public poilcy-oriented research, favourable working environment both for the teachers and the taught and requisite logistics like computer, fax, international journals and standard books. All the recent changes in the department are rooted in a particular intellectual vision that the faculty developed over the past few years.

The department continues to attract large number of graduate and undergraduate students' enrollment. Reforms in the undergraduate programs emphasize deeper understanding of core economics material in preparation for advanced course work. Similarly, the department is overseeing the implementation of an equally ambitious graduate program reforms aims at integrating the graduate program more fully into the teaching and research environment of the department. Graduate students work closely with the faculty and with one another to learn the crafts of research on state-of-the-art research projects. To meet these challenges, the department always welcomes the foreign faculty professors to implement strategic hiring for teaching and research needs of the department. At the same time, we have increasingly reached out to other units withing the university and across the research organizations to harness more fully the wealth of research talent. We are still on the lookout for more ways to build on this unique strength. We are highly optimistic that our product, both in terms of graduating students and research work would be beneficial for the public policy and private organizations.